Dental Implants

Patients suffering from chronic dental problems and finding difficulty in chewing foods, eating, speaking


Prosthodontic Treatment

It is undeniable fact that to have healthy dentition, healthy gums is utmost important. Prosthodontic is the


Teeth Whitening

For many the process of teeth whitening is something which is only destined for celebs. But, you must know the fact


Cosmetic Treatments

The branch of dentistry offering hosts of cosmetic dental treatments with an aim to improve the smile,

Delhi Dentists & Dental Clinic – 32 Facts Modi Dental & Prosthodontic Centre

It is not only your eyes or lips but also your teeth which get noticed at first glance. Today dental health is of prime importance going by its impact on diabetes and cardiac diseases. There is an urgent need to have good dental clinic in India. The present generation understands the value of dental hygiene and how the oral health can be a window to your overall health. The awareness has cropped up in recent years and hence there is new growth in this segment.

Today people understand that even simple steps practiced daily can prevent major dental disease and avoid complicated surgeries. Keeping this mind, Modi Dental Clinic( 32 Facts) was established which is a multispecialty dental clinic set-up located in Ashok Vihar, North Delhi that aims to provide all kinds of world class dental services. It is an ISO certified 9001:2000 which blends some of the sophisticated technology and excellent clinical services along with traditional methodologies of preventive dentistry.

Since its inception this dental implants clinic in Delhi has been outshining in the field of dentistry and offering a whole gamut of dental care services laying stress on convenience and customer contentment. Dental care is an arena where everyone wishes to get the best service and this is the aim of Modi Dental (32 Facts) gives back your healthy and bright smile.

Right from dentistry services of kids to senior citizens the dental surgeons at Modi Dental (32 Facts) provide the best, complete and affordable dental services in India. This is possible by offering a warm and friendly environment so that the customers get back their lost smile at this clinic in India. The objective of 32 Facts is to create a sense of satisfaction within the customers for possessing sparkling, beautiful and healthy teeth. Over the years, it has been successful in spreading millions of smiles among our customers.

So do not wait for a dental emergency but get in touch with a professional dentist in Delhi today!